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East vs West – Golion/Dairugger XV/Voltron

In 1984, World Events Productions took two unrelated anime shows, 1981’s King of a Hundred Beasts Golion and 1982’s Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, and turned them into Voltron.  Let’s compare!

Original Golion opening song – unfortunately I can’t find a clip of the opening sequence.

Voltron’s Lion Force opening

Golion combination – the song is about the Blue Lion

Voltron combination

Alternate combination – showing this because this particular sequence is seen in the Golion opening that I couldn’t find on youtube…

Dairugger XV opening – long introductory narration – also includes the combo sequence…

Voltron Vehicle Team Opening

Voltron Vehicle Team combination 1


And just for fun: the japanese toy commercials!

Voltron Vehicle Team combination 2 – which I included because it is much more awesome.


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